How to save the level without saving the built data ??


Each time I save my level (action taking approximately 2 seconds without the built data) UE also saves the built data… but the level is pretty big and the built data are around 4+ go so it takes more than 2 minutes each time I save !!! I usually save my scene very often to make sure I am not loosing of my work, but now I rarely save cause it just takes too much time!

So is there a way to not save the built data? I am making the layout of the scene right now, so I don’t need to have an100% accurate light built on it.
So far the only solution I found was to delete the light build but if I delete the whole light build then all lights become real-time and the scene becomes very laggy.

One way I found was to select your map in the content browser and ctrl+s. When doing ctrl+s directly in the map, it saves the built data but not when in the content browser.