How to save my graphic settings using Blueprints

As you can see from the images that i have uploaded, i have a button left and right and text in the middle. The default value is High meaning high detail quality and the text is displayed as high. When i press the left or the right button it changes value either -1 down or -1 up depending which one i clicked.(This is not the problem im just explaining the system just in case)

I am searching for help on how to save and load my graphic settings so that when the game is restarted the settings remain. I have followed many tutorials on save/load data but i cant seem to work it out using these blueprints of settings. I am looking for someone to run me through what i need to do if possible. Thanks in advance!!

Sorry if i missed to explain something, this is my first question on this site.

You need to know about game user settings:

( too much to explain here )

What he wants is to create a save game slot for his settings to store them there.

What’s the point? They’re automatically store in the user settings ini file. Which is what that node is for… Maybe I misread it…

The settings will be changed visually and in the settings ini file, but in his settings widget the values will be all default, if he changes them then restarts the game, the settings quality will indeed change but the widget’s values will be all set to the default. He wants his buttons(his text) to be left how the user has left them regardless if the user restarts the game.

You’re right.

As well as the settings node, take a look at the save game: