How to save my entire project in .umap file?

Hello! I need to save my project with mesh, animation and setting in a .umap file, so that when someone else downloads my file, they can see the entire result of what I produced. however, when I copy and paste the main of my project and move it to another project, it loads the setting (which was used with the starter content) but does not load my mesh and animation, what can I do? I don’t know how to save my project directly in a .umap file, the only way I found it was to copy and paste, but I still couldn’t. please help me!

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in the editor:
Top left, click file>zip project
You should be able to send that to whomever and they’ll have everything used in the project

when you do it the more manual way of copying the content folder it leaves out the engine folder and some settings that may be set in configs there

Copying just the umap file will not work, as only what they happen to also already have will be loaded/used and likely just give them some errors on the missing stuff

can you migrate the assets to an empty project and deliver that? In order to load correctly all the dependencies have to be present, which the migration process ensures.

It worked, the problem is that in a test I’m taking, they ask for the delivery of the .umap file, which, as you said, doesn’t make sense, since umap only loads what they already have.

here is my test order:

Use Maya or Unreal to animate the ‘Training Robot’
The 3D model “Training_Robot. x” and the textures in a subfolder are included in the folder
• Apply the texture to the model
• Use any technique to animate the model mesh
• Use any technique to animate the model texture
• Try to show how the animation gives function to the asset
• You can customize the texture to aid animation
• You can save the delivery file ‘M2_Animação_** (.ma / .umap)’

The only thing my test asks is that you hand over the .umap file, now I don’t know how I can deliver it

the test parameters don’t make a lot of sense to me. It is asking for animation and .ma is a maya file. So it seems to suggest that you can deliver a maya file.

And .umap, as far as I understand, won’t carry the dependancies if you don’t package it with an entire .uproject file.

So i think you ought to ask for clarification and you can demonstrate how importing a .umap file into an unreal project won’t import the dependencies.


Thanks, I’ll look for that!