How to save my blueprint workflow on selected local drive ??

Hi Guys, Newbie here.

Wanted to ask and i’ve been following a UE4 tutorial and run into blueprint (actually, i have no idea about programming). I have managed and successfully followed the tutorial of creating my first blueprint script on opening and closing a sliding door. And it is really great to learn a simple and long procedure.

My question now, how can i save and store that simple blueprint workflow script such as for my library for future reference on my designated local HD location and for when i need it, i can easily pull my library blueprint script and apply on another working actor object?? i highlighted my first script in the blueprint window and choose selected files to save but the window is current lock to default which i can’t find a way to select my local HD drive to save my first blueprint script.

Thanks for any help is highly appreciated.

All is by default saved inside your project folder. I think you need to follow some tutorials, because you are confusing (or not knowing) basic terms for naming things in unreal, so watch tutorials to know how to name things.

Anyway some keywords that you may search for, and i hope one of those terms is what you are looking for:

  • macro library
  • function library
  • inheritance
    All with added “unreal 4 tutorial”

Best to follow Nawrot’s advice and study. But that will take time.
So what can you do for now, so you don’t lose work?

In UE4 left-click on your blueprint, then right-click:

Show In Explorer

Backup all the bp.uasset files that are relevant.

What if your work is the level blueprint instead?
Search for and backup all relevant *.umap files.

For simple BP without complicated references…
You can also try selecting the entire blueprint, then:
CTRL-C / CTRL-V copy / paste to Notepad etc…
But test this using a new blank project if you’re not 100% sure!
Otherwise references may get broken. BTW: Most devs use source control.
Or backup entire project content / config folders to the cloud / ext drives etc.

Thanks on your quick replies. Sorry for the terms i used here regarding saving my first UE4 blueprint.
Anyway, i was just using the closes term i could get since im a newbie and haven’t gone much around the UE terms.

any additional links so i could find them easily… thanks