How to save mouse invert and sensitivity variables?

A quick look at this, and I noticed you’re creating a new save game every time you start the menu

That will overwrite anything current in there…

So I followed these 3 tutorials in order to create a settings menu: UE4 Sound Setting Tutorial - YouTube,
Mouse Sensitivity And Invert Settings - Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - YouTube, Unreal Engine 4 - Saving and Loading Variables - YouTube

The audio sliders work exactly as intended ( updating on value changed and always saving and loading correctly)

Currently, when I start the game everything will be normal. If I pause and unpause (key button or widget button) it will invert the mouse controls.

The invert checkmark is defaulted to unchecked (even if I pause and unpause it will still be inverted)

The sensitivity slider works if I change the value and unpause, but if I pause again the value defaults to the original value (1) as well as the slider position

More Screenshots