How to save/load level state via blueprints?

Is there a way to save and load object states using the blueprint system. And to clarify I mean the player is playing a level and wants to save his progress. How would I create a save system for the state of the game using blueprints or is this only possible using C++. Any help would be appreciated.

I went through the docs and couldn’t find anything about it or how to do it.


This is something that has been requested in the past and we are looking into creating more documentation on the system.

For now, have you taken a look at the Tappy Chicken Content Example from the Marketplace? Creating and Loading from Save Game Objects is showcased in that sample and should provide you an avenue to reverse engineer it and use as a template.

If you have additional questions, feel free to ask.


Thank you so much, I will look into it today

I figured out how to do this from a another thread. I can’t figure out though how to load the saved game from my menu. I have tried creating load save game data slot and attached the proper name. So when you click on the button on the menu load I would like it to load the saved game data. Any ideas??

Maybe this will help a little. Something I got working today.

Let me know if it was helpful at all. Thanks.