How to save and load a spline.

I have a car that drives over landscape and every 2 seconds drops a spline point. It’s basically a lazy way to make a road on landscape, instead of mapping it myself i want to do it automatically. I’m saving spline points into array, with some warning though but i can’t figure out what’s wrong with it. On construction script i try to load file and it’s crashing ue4. If somebody can take a look at it ill be greatefull.
Maybe problem is with position on Make SplinePoint blueprint, i couldn’t find this function so im using spline location.

Seems like your “MakeSplinePoint” node is read only, so you can’t use it to write something into an array. Instead of using “Make Spline point”, you need to use the node “Add Spline point” and you will probably end up with changing your point spawning logic to access or relay information into an array.

Did you find the solution?