How to save a transformed mesh?

Sorry for the totally noob question, but I just can’t figure out something that must be really easy. I imported an object via Quixel Bridge that came rotated 90 degrees in X. I submitted a question in their forum on how to solve this but in the meantime, while I wait for the answer, I just wanted to rotate the object 90 degrees and save it as a new static mesh. But I just can’t…

I tried transforming it directly in the editor and converting the actor into a static mesh, tried the static mesh editor, tried the modeling mode, all to no avail. The converted mesh is always rotated 90 degrees.

Of course I can create a BP class, put the object there, rotate it and I have a rotated object, that works. But then I can’t use a BP class in the foliage editor, for example. I really wanted a simple static mesh.

How do I do that?
Thanks a lot.

It is a workaround, but you could use the Actor Merge tool.

Actor Merging | Unreal Engine Documentation

It saves a new mesh with whatever world rotation is currently applied, but does not change the textures.

The “real” answer would be exporting it from source tool with proper rotation.

Thanks a lot, that is indeed the best solution I’ve seen. I know it’s a workaround but it works perfectly.

Still, it baffles me how UE doesn’t have a more elegant solution. I’m new to UE but I’ve worked with several DCCs and I had never come across a situation where I couldn’t simply save an edited object in the software library. It seems like a tremendous oversight.

I know the “real” answer would be exporting it with the proper rotation but alas I have no control (as far as I know) of how Quixel Bridge handles rotations on export/import (again an oversight from Quixel, as it seems such a basic setting).