How to save a new structure when I make it?

Hello ladies and gentelmen,
I create a new struct blueprint.
Then I “make a struct” in a blueprint.
Should I add it to an array, or it saves automaticaly in the Defaults values of the struct blueprint?
Here is an image with explanation of my question.
Many thanks in advance.

If you make a blueprint, and in that blueprint, you have a particular structure with values, it will save with the blueprint.

But, you can’t save values that things have at runtime in editor variables.

You can save this in a save game though…

Thank you
I’ve not watched the video yet, but let me ask a quick question in advance.
Does it save in a blueprint like in Default Values or I should save them in a separate array?

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If you want to save it with the blueprint, it would be the default values, yes.

Thank you @ClockworkOcean,
could you kindly let me know please, why did we save then each struct here in an array?

What is the diffirence?

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That’s run time. I’m not really clear on your question. It sounds like you’re talking about structures in the editor?

@ ClockworkOcean Well, Strucrures (right click → blueprint → structure)
I create an empty strucuture like that and then I add components to it in a regular blueprint, both, in my question and in the link I just sent. (you gave me a good answer there, a few month ago, and it was also regarding strucures and we saved them there withing a blueprint, but there you showed me that we need to put it in an array at the end, and now you say that I just should do “make structure” and it will automaticaly save it somewhere like default values (it will not be default values probably already, but something like that, a place withing that structure, like a list inside that struct, not outside in a separate array))

So, and now I am asking, what is the diffirence? Why did we then saved it in a separate array, and now don’t.

Sorry, I’m losing it…

You have 4 levels, if you like

  1. Design the structure, in the content browser. All it has in it at the fields, and possibly the default values.

  2. You can put that structure in a blueprint. Because you can save the blueprint, you can edit that structure in that blueprint, and save it. But if you want to have lots of different values for the structures, there’s no point in having lots of different copies of the same blueprint.

  3. If you want lots of different default values for structures, then you can use data tables. It is also possible to use the save game from editor mode.

  4. If you want to be able to store information from structures that get information written to them at runtime, then you definitely need a save game.

@ClockworkOcean Ok, got it. Thank you veru much for the consultation mate. I appreciate it very much. Have a great rest of the day. :handshake:

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