How to save a "corrupt" map file?

Hey all,

So I have a map that I was just adding the final touches to. I built lighting on everything yesterday, then added a few more meshes as some final details and went to build lighting again and my entire system hard locks (can’t even move the mouse) when I try to build it again. I’ve got an Alienware Area 51 beast of a system with an i-9 processor and 32 gigs of ram so I know it’s not my system choking and like I said it built fine earlier so I don’t know what’s happening.
I tried deleting the builtdata file and the intermediate and saved folders out of the project directory with no difference. I’m at the point where I was going to copy and paste all of the content into a new blank level but after doing so I realized that it lost all of the foliage that I had painted onto the landscape so I was hoping there might be some other way to salvage it before re-doing all of that work.

I’ve also tested building lighting on a new map with a single mesh in it and it works fine so it’s not a case of Swarm being blocked.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m very sorry you lost work, I know how that goes doing world comp work and seeing bugs no one ever talks about, but at any rate, I have no idea , short of loading a saved file but thats not always a fix given the interval you chose. Best shot at this and I sometimes forget, don’t we all…save OFTEN and compelx engines like ue4 can crash, and of course, it depends what you’re doing and home much ram is being eaten, + ue4 itself,is there any chance you were indeed running too much in the background in addition to ue4 ?

Prob.not as you have a lot of ram but even then you can run out depending…

Again I’m sorry if you lost work as I"ve had to redo a few times and now similar to yourself I’m dealing with terrain NOT seaming terrains in world comp ( I did choose a non standaredd teamm size but there was no ‘warning’ I couldn’t ) like it should and no answers as to why.I’ll prob. have to recreate things in a new project and HOPE terrain seams magically start working- sorry that didn’t help you .

Too often we are alone in fixing issues that can take a team- but then there is always paid help right ? ( most can’t afford it).

Thanks for the comment neighboriee. I actually managed to save my situation by simply turning off static lighting and making everything dynamic. It killed the FPS but since I’m just filming it for a portfolio video it didn’t really matter. Short of that I was going to copy everything into a new empty map and start over which usually fixes this sort of thing. Regardless, it’s a non-issue for me now so no worries there.