HOw to save a button class?

I have created a button that I want to reuse over and over again… I have the font, when clicked, hovered over… the whole thing set up with one button and would like to save it as a “class” (terminology might not be right) of button so I could just pick that button type and place it and not have to remake the wheel over and over again.

Tried searching forums for like “saving button” and making new button class… Can’t seem to find anything. Anyone have any idea if UE 4.7.3 allows buttons to be saved like this for reuse over and over again with ease?


Have you set it up in the level blueprint? From what i gather you want to create a new actor blueprint, so this way you can drag and drop it from the browser.

I’ve set one up this way that I can drop in and tell it which matinee I want it to play when triggered.