How to save a Blueprint Actor Location in the Pesistant Map

So I’ve asked this before but didn’t give enough background. I have a save file - it works (it’s not Async). I’m trying to save a BP actor on the persistent map during a level stream, so that it’s available in subsequent level streaming and when the game is loaded from a save file. The Plugin ‘Save Extension’ handles this but is not compatible with 4.25.1

What is wrong with my BP?

Pic1 - dead standard save file

Pic2 - score and player location - save and loads ok

pic3 - BPLevel1 is an actor not a level. GetActorLocation is what it is. Lev1KP is the Vector variable of the actor location (which I’m not getting with GetActorLocation)- yes and it’s not connected to the save node

Well, you do need to connect the save node…