How to run UDK 2014-02 on Linux. Success!

Im Installs .NET 4.0 Framework on clean prefix and succesfuly run Unreal Development Kit 2014-02
One (install dotnet 4.0,xact,xaudio)

Methon 1 - manual
Using only winetricks dotnet 4.0 and xact
and Xapofx1_5 dll (copied to system32)
wine UDK edit (editor) - run editor from UDK folder


Method 2 - Wineprefix
Install UDK.
Unpack prefix
unpack udklinux, move to /home/user/.udklinux
copy shortcuts to UDK folder (Must be ext4 FS!! NOT NTFS!!!)
Profit!! )
copy DLL to windows32 wine folder if requires.

sorry , i don’t have another language video but it just don’t require comments
i don’t know how right speak in english.
But if anyone helped me do it , i upload english video.
(if require you can press “pause” and look at action)

My test map on UDK Linux (Game mode)
UDK Standart demo Day and Night on Linux
Wine 1.7.17 , 32bit clean prefix Linux Mint Mate 16 64bit.
Nvidia 331.x

Im using Linux mint , but you can try it on Ubuntu or Debian
I think it must work in another distros

Im use this distributive (there have preinstalled wineprefix, allows immidiatly run UT3 or install UDK)


I HOpe this information can be useful to anybody

Im not found crashes, but while editing map sometimes rendering level ‘stopped’ , i found if start ‘play game’ in editor’ and exit to rendering works normal
(resize window UDK can help if require)
(or just not rotate camera in REALTIME mode,and all works normal )

Frontend seems like works, but i don’t know how to use it) Im a very novice in UDK
Using for run this script
WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=~/.udklinux wine UnrealFrontend
(.exe not requires, of course you can edit .sh files and copy it with new exe names.)

All maps running perfectly, but known Wine DirectX9->OpenGL requires more capabilitys of system CPU/GPU . For me it’s about 10-15%
On real Unreal III game i dont see lags even on Geforce GTX 280 (i have three videocards for tests) .

If i can i try upload more videos on interest themes/questions.

Gameplay Deck16 UDK

Im write new video UDK Linux Day and night map .

This really belongs on the UDK forums, this is for UE4. Also they are working on UE4 running native on linux, so no need for wine.

Until it not done , im a novice requires a some practice with work with Unreal Engine. When UE4 Editor finally be written for linux i can run it.
At this moment UE4 editor cannot be started.

UE4 looks similar to UE3.5 , some basics can be learned by this method, i think if skip Unreal scripts and kismet
i can examine work with foliage, BSP geometry, landscape,lightning and other. and use skills in UE4 in future.

Im not have and not plannin have any copy of MS windows.
For me it’s only way to run program.

Post this on UDK forums please. I’m sure there must be people there who would love to hear about it.

However, i’m closing this thread now since it is not about Unreal Engine 4 development. Feel free to share whatever you achieve with UE4 in the future though!