How to run smoke tests on game start?


the Unreal Engine documentation states about smoke tests the following: “They are intended to be fast so they can run everytime the Editor, game, or commandlet starts”.

How can I start these smoke tests automatically when I start the game? The only way to start those tests I found is from within the editor inside the Session Frontend window.

I wrap TestTrue() calls into check(), and that stops execution if a test (created by IMPLEMENT_SIMPLE_AUTOMATION_TEST) fails. This allows to see if all tests pass at Editor start.
However, I am not happy with the time it takes before RunSmokeTests() is called, as it needs to load the editor first. Looking for a way to do it faster, and UnrealFrontend.exe doesn’t seem to do what I want. Thinking maybe I can run UnrealEditor-Core.dll directly (this is where RunSmokeTests() is called from at startup).

This seems to be in the direction I am digging: Dangerous Stunt: Running Unreal Engine modules outside of UE (commando style!)