How to run without installing prerequisites?

I’m working on a system that I don’t have any super user privileges on. So I need to be able to run without it trying to do sudo apt-get as I’m perfectly happy to set up the required build environment myself locally in my user space.

So how do I prevent sudo apt-get when running

Did you try to delete/comment the like 52 in ./Engine/Build/BatchFiles/Linux/

It should be:
sudo apt-get install -y $DEP

That way he shouldn’t try to install the dependencies. I didn’t try that personally, however if you run into any trouble just add a comment and I will try what other possibilities you have.

Thanks! Yeah, that should work too. The workaround I used was to symlink sudo and apt-get to /bin/true in my user environment (as I’m not allowed to run any of them anyway).