How to run my game on a separate computer (dedicated server)?

i want to run my game on a separate machine.
How can i do that?
I can’t find any good tutorials on this.

You have to migrate the project folder

I only found this here

Sorry, I misunderstood the question. I have no idea how to build for a dedicated server.

So where are you stuck? that guide explains it pretty well.

So i was working few times on a private server and we used FreeBSD to run all the server files.
In UE4 there is a EXE file that you run and the server is online?! That’s bit weird if you ask me.
I somehow expect files that run only on a server and not a exe file.

I asked a friend and he said that i can use the “dedicated server” checkbox in the UE4 editor for editing purposes and that i don’t need to compile the whole source code each time to test it.

The other issue is, how does the “switch has authority” work?
For example if i create a pawn and add a “switch has authority” and connect a function like “Take damage” where i subtract some health and use it on “Authority” will it run on the server or on the client? Because the pawn is on the client?

When i was making the private server, we had a client and server files.
We need to change the client and the server files so they match.
In UE4 you have some “switch has authority” that you add inside a Client BP Pawn and that is the confusing part.

There are also some tutorials that almost explain nothing and just basicly “copy paste” things.
UE4 has some streams that go for 4h and 70% of it is just random talking.
I’m watching such streams to learn and not to listen to some cringe jokes.
I wish that there where someone who knows how to do this and would make a 2018 Video with 4.20.3 of it. Like drawing the new baseline…
In each video i watch i get more and more confused because everyone explains it different.

So far the best one is this guy here:

Not entirely sure what you mean about a server being online? You want a LAN only server? You can build a Linux server if you don’t want it on Windows.

That is correct. The editor can emulate both a listen-server and a dedicated server but it is still recommended to make real tests with a built version to make sure everything works as expected.

Authority will run on the server and remote is the clients when dealing with replicated classes.

Replicated classes are both on the server and one or more clients. This is why the “Switch has Authority” node exist so you can separate the logic within the same class. Pawns are spawned on the server and if they are set as “Replicates” they will be updated on the clients too.

If i make switch has authority and connect a Savegame at the end. Will it create a save on the server?