HOW to run in place on a treadmill blueprint?

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to make a treadmill BP and would like the character to have running input but do that in place. I start off by setting actor location and rotation to a socket i placed on the treadmill but then I’m not sure how to keep the actor attached to that socket at all times while allowing movement inputs to have it walk and run in place. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance

i think that depend on various things…
you just keep you character as it is, but forcebrute him to stay in that place if the treadmill is active,
this wil force your char to stay there but will be unable to “be kicked off” if he walk too slowly.

You can also totally, build a behaviour that just make the char, play the animation run and walk, but without moving at all,
same as before, you will be there , faking running.

if you want to be “moved” its another thing
if you want that if you stop running the char is moved away and dropped off the treadmill
you have to build a sort of “platform” that push the char,and that could be tricky