how to run ARK Dev kit on steam?

how to run ARK Dev kit on steam?
i download it on steam,
when i run it,it will show me a web
how to run it on steam???

You don’t. It hasn’t been removed from steam unfortunately.

You’ll need to download the Epic Games Launcher and redownload the DevKit if you wish to use the updated one. The current DevKit is 220.1 but the one on steam was left at 206.1


Then Steam need to get their act together, I wasted well over 2 hours downloading the Devkit from Steam only to find I need to do it all over again from Epic. Steam should either update the Devkit and include the launcher OR take it off site, this is annoying, at best. Quite a lot of people and wasting their (sometimes precious) time and patience. Get a grip Steam.

They told everyone on these forums at least 5 times. Stop freaking out so much.

Thats nice and all that they told ppl on this forum, but i saw dev kit on steam so i was like lets give it a shot. Some ppl first get the software and then look up stuff ya know