How to run animation from Anim Graph of another Blueprint class?

What I have:

  1. Main third person character Blueprint (inside it character (Mesh Inherited) root object and skateboard under it).
  2. Character Anim Blueprint
  3. Skateboard Anim Blueprint

For character and skateboard uses it’s own skeleton. Character and skateboard are animated in one scene in Maya and exported as 2 different anim files.

The main problem is, that I need to do a duplicate work to create 2 Anim Graphs for character and skateboard, so basicaly I repeat all the logic for the skateboard too to work properly. It is too odd I think. My friend adviced me not to do anim class for skateboard and run animation from main blueprint directly, but I got sync problems and I think it is too hard to solve.
So my question is how can I run animations of skateboard inside character’s anim graph? is it even possible? Because obviously skateboard is using it’s own skeleton even if it’s still coming from one Maya scene. Or maybe you can advice me something…

If i still need to run it from main BP, what nodes should I use? The logic is: need to get current animation state of the character, read it somehow and compare it with skateboard animation (skateboard animation differs from character animation only with prefix skateboard_01 in name) name and play selected animation for skateboard BP. Is it possible to do without C++?

It will be super kind for any help, stuck here. Thank you.

just my 2 cents. two ways that i could think of :

  1. anim notify in char skele, to get the main BP to trigger anim for skateboard skele.
  2. both animations having similar anim_BP flow. (which you described as having sync issue)

Another consideration would be to have the skateboard skele having the same character skeleton bones+ the skateboard skeleton bones. Use copy pose from mesh -> layer blend per bone for the anim bp in the skateboard skele. Just alpha the layer blend back to 0 when you dont need the pose to be right. So that the skateboard would likely to stay near the bone of where you wanted to be in char skele.

No guarantees that it could work for your animation though! Good luck!

**pickersZ, **thank you. I will try your suggestion.