How to run an OS command?

So this one is really out there, but here it goes.

I’m using UE to create more of a visual “program” than a game for Windows.

I’d like to execute some Windows CMD commands, but I’m at a loss on how to do it. All of my search results are for things like launching a game, server, or the editor from commandline.

I took a look at some of the C++ files for the Engine programs (like UnrealFrontend), but I’m still missing the gist here.
Does UE support Windows APIs like Normal C++, or is there a wrapper that can be used, or none of the above?

Has anyone else slayed this dragon?

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There this, but use FPlatform insted of FGenericPlatform (it a function fallback support):

I recommend to look up module reference API as you find lot of platform related functions, most of them are static functions, and remember to use FPlatform :stuck_out_tongue:

And C++ in UE4 IS normal C++, if you want you can include any header file and configure directories in build script if needed, UE does not need to support anything. But you should use UE4 APIs as much as possible it guaranty that you won’t have any problem with porting.

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Perfect!! Thanks!

I figured I could go the route of standard c++, but with the effort Epic put in to their custom implementation, I strive to keep my UE code as “Native” as possible. These links will be perfect to accomplish my goal.

Hey I’m running into the same problem. Do you have any examples / updates on how you were able to solve this? Thanks!

Any chance you have a working example of how to do this, or any pointers on what worked?

Will this create a new window of powershell or cmd , I don’t want a new window, as it freezes the application, I just want to integrate in the application.