How to run 2 animations together for character and weapon

I was wondering if there is a way to attach animated arms (with weapon included) to an already animated character… Basically what i’m saying is, i want to use a character first person character mesh that has all animations already working and blended (idle,walk,run,crouch) without arms, so that I could pretty much attach the arms to the character when each weapon is spawned, so that each weapon will have its own animation. I was thinking i’d use sockets to attach the arms and have 2 different animation blueprints working together basically, the character, and the weapon/arms. please tell me exactly how to achieve this lol…

Hi man .
Sure, you can attach your Weapon-actor to the socket inside your Char-actor.
Probablu you will use some Event to fire the animations and the actions of the weapons.
You have to get the reference of the Weapon-actor when you spawn it and use it.
When your Char get the input “W” and you give him the play animation +blend+stuff… you have also to fire the same event on your weapon , using his reference.

Basically you have to attach the actor to actor .
And fire his event from another blueprint.