How to rotate with retaining local rotation?

Let me know if I’ve got the motion you are trying to achieve correct.

Yes, this is the behavior that I want to achieve with Bobs :slight_smile: So it won’t work yet if Bob is upside down, like the one in my previous screenshots? Great job so far, how did you do that? Thanks!

It will work for the Bobs if they are upside down but it will require the use of a float select and a different calculation and a few ifs (branches)…extra trigonometry =( basically…will be required to determine the angle to bow if the Bob is above ground or upside down.

I used a “phantom” object within the BP to borrow its rotation once we have the point-to-bow-at’s orientation compared to the Bob’s i set a temporary bow rotation variable…then I attach the Bob to that object for the bowing once we add the angle to bow into the lerp rotator. I then lerp between that temp rotation and the world rotation of the “phantom” object.

This is what I’ve got so far:

More math is required to get the angle of pitch for any Bob that isn’t on the ground though.

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Thank you, I’ve tried to recreate that, but my Bobs still face the direction before bowing, so probably I’ve missed something, because i can’t see which nodes & values did you used here, even when zoomed in.

PS. There is a cool site for sharing blueprints by copy/paste:

Copy and paste won’t work…here try this take a look at how I did it here and then you can expand upon it:

Thank you very much, now I’ll try to get these upside-down Bobs working as well (for now, they work upside-down only if they have positive X (Roll) value, so I’ll follow this clue)

OK, I think I can handle this from there.

Thank you very much @Black Phoenyx for the help, this is an exemplary AnswerHub user help here :slight_smile:

Another +1 from me, and I’ll accept the answer now.
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