How to rotate Third Person Character while falling

Hey there,

So here is my current conundrum. A little bit of prefacing first. I have looked up multiple ways to do this so far but still haven’t found an answer that works for me. I will also note that the Character Movement side panel along with ‘air control’ are not present in this version of UE4(I think). Knowing how to get that might help solve this problem, yet it’s a side thing compared to the actual question.

Okay, here’s my blueprint that does work. How can I plug in the Character Movement > Is Falling node set into this so that it only happens while the character is falling? Bonus points if I can replace Event Tick with a button/keyboard press.

Here is another thing I’ve managed to find that isn’t visibly working for me unless I change the values to crazy amounts.

Again if I can find out how to plug in ‘Is Falling’ into this, then that’d be cool.

Let me explain essentially what I’m trying to do. I want to be able to rotate the character freely in the air, hopefully based off cardinal movement direction(to accommodate for things like gusts of wind turning the character in the air). I also need it to either stop rotating at a certain point or be able to rotate back based on going the other direction. To put it simply I’m trying to make a skydiving game.

Please let me know what your thoughts are and if you can help leave a comment!
I appreciate it

:slight_smile: hey… I’m using 4.18 too… it may help that it definitely has Air Control and all the other settings for Falling Mode

you can just use the Switch on Movement Mode for instructions that you’d just like to apply to Falling mode


this is it in 4.17 and i would imagine it wouldnt change too much going into 4.18. just make sure the character movement is selected in the components section.

oh, Jumping / Falling mode settings are certainly in 4.18 (pic attached) and I’ve also attached a pic of the Switch on Movement Mode node… very useful for adding custom functionality to different movement modes

Movement Mode Reference >> Get Movement Mode >> Switch on Movement Mode