How to rotate the whole level in blueprints around the player?

Hi there :slight_smile:

I have a building and want to simulate a gravity change. The simplest way to achieve this seems to rotate the level around the player, because in this way I do not have to worry about the player collision/camera change, etc. I only wish to rotate around the 3 axis, 90 degrees at a time.
My question is, how can I define the rotation, so the axis will be one of the players axis, more precisely the player camera axis (I wish to rotate the map based on where he looks).

Thanks, any feedback is welcome! :slight_smile:

In order to do this you’ll have to set your static meshes to movable which means that you won’t be able to build lighting with the fancy effects and your game will run slower depending on the complexity of your level. There isn’t a funciton in the blueprints to rotate sets of meshes around an axis though, it would require some quaternion calculations which are weird with x,y,z,w dimensions. I’d recommend just sticking with 90 degrees rotations around the X, Y, Z axes.