How to rotate player in place

I have a standard third person cahracter, left thumbstick moves player and right thumbstick moves camera.

When i press the aim button i want the player to stop moving (Forward and Right vector) and rotate in place with the left thumbstick while Aiming == true, and then run again when Aiming != true. The right thumbstick should still move the camera in this aiming state

no matter what i do i can only get the player to move either in a Forward vector or Right vector while Aiming == true

any suggestions?

this is my BP setup for aiming and moving, right now when you Aim you obviously just stop altogether

Your Question is a bit Confusing. You Block Movement Input if you are Aiming. Thats the only thing you do here. Your Camera movement itself should still work. What exactly is the Problem you have now since you did not Provided any Camera related Code?

I sort of got it to work, basically the thumb sticks work as a normal TPCharacter with free moving camera, but when you press Aim i want the character to stop physically moving and just rotate in place as you aim around with the MoveStrafe axis, like in the original Alone in the Dark game.

Upon pressing aim i save the yaw rotation at that moment in InitRotation, then while Aiming == true instead of moving along Forward/right Vector you just rotate in place to shoot around you, when you release aim the InitRotaion saved when pressed then gets applied to the player yaw rotation, if i don’t save and re-apply this rotation vector then the player starts running in strange ways cuz i am actually altering the world yaw rotation of the player mesh when pressing aim.

It works the way i want but the only bug now is that when you release aim the player instantly snaps back to the direction he was facing when you pressed aim. There is probably a more efficient way to script this but this is what my current XP level! affords me, so any advice would be welcome

The yaw and pitch of the camera does not really factor into this as i originally thought

Will post new pics below