How to rotate/look camera without holding mouse button down?

ok im at a loss here and cannot figure this out at all. im using the top down template but i changed the controls to 3rd person (bought a marketplace item that was TD). it all works except the mouse axis x/y doesn’t free look the camera with out holding down right mouse click. i disabled the mouse interface stuff on the controller but all it does is hide the cursor. any help would be appreciated.
here is my settings. and this gif you can see i need to press the mouse to move camera…b5b4dad6ef.gif

Sorry to bump a old thread but to anyone in the furture looking for a solution to this, double check your Viewport Properties from Project Settings > Input > Default Viewport Mouse Capture Mode is set to “Capture Permanently Including Initial Mouse Down” as per my screenshot, had this issue with a friend earlier, it might not be the issue for you, but it’s another possibility, at least.