How to rotate character while firing

hi everyone as the title states I am trying to make an automatic weapon in ue4 and have the variables and everything but every time I hold the mouse button down it won’t let me rotate the character so I can’t shoot the enemies I haven’t been able to figure it out and here is a screen shot any help is appreciated

NOTE: the branch for firing is coming from event tick

Those are pretty indiscernible screen shots. Try zooming in on the nodes and uploading some new ones. Also, that all looks geared towards spawning projectiles not actually rotating anything on the player…but it is so small I could just be missing it. If not, show us where you script the actual “rotation” stuff.

couple questions. did you change the controller yaw/pitch inputs at all? does the mouse down trigger any other input actions?

make sure the player controller has Set Input Mode to
Game Only