How to rotate character spring-arm with Key press?

I am trying to rotate the the spring arm in my character blueprint on its Z axis around the character when I press D(right rotation) and A(left rotation). I also want it to slowly speed up when I press D or A, and speed down when I release. How can I achieve this?

This is my experiment so far, but clearly its lacking the desired the results lol

The arm it;s always going to follow the Controller rotation, Try to disable that…

Here’s an overcomplicated way to do it. There are simpler ways (using interp nodes), but I wanted to use a Timeline to control the acceleration/deceleration curve of the rotation.

1 - create 2 float variables: Direction and Accel

2 - uncheck the “use pawn control rotation” of the spring arm:


3 - create the acceleration timeline:

4 - create the logic: