How to rotate character in multiplayer game?

Hey guys! I’ve run into a problem with character and it’s movement component.

The idea is very simple. Mouse controls camera, WS moves character forward/backward and AD rotates character left/right.
Because mouse should control my camera, I cannot use “bUseControllerYawRotation” in order to rotate character with controller. My character doesn’t inherit control rotation and I don’t know how to rotate it properly…

So, I’ve tried sending input to the server and rotate character manually:

Thats how I try to rotate my character. That’s not the best way, but I did not found any built-in solutions…

But with this setup I have another problem… Server and other clients recieve rotation with no issues, but Owning character rotates with jittering and much slower.

My guess is that movement component blocks rotation and try to rotate it itself. If I don’t rotate on owning client, character does not rotate at all. As rotation does not replicate from server, I guess, it rotates using local inputs… But what are those inputs? What should I use to rotate character from client input??

Thank you!

P.S. You can give me CPP solutions as well, does not matter…

Made a little test. Trying to rotate character using Action input. Sometimes it does rotate, sometime not. Why is that? Does that mean I have to override default movement component in order to make this small thing??

You could do something like this.