How to rotate camera around character after [x] seconds of idle animation?

Is there a tutorial i can watch to be able to do this. I tried making it on my own, but it’s not working.

@Mushikrat I don’t know of a tuut on this, but I can tell you roughly what nodes you need.

You need a SetTimerByEvent which checks the player’s speed with GetVelocity once per second. When it sees this is zero it can call a custom event in your player which rotates the camera ( more on that ). When the player starts moving again, you snap the camera back to position.

For rotating the camera you need to put a ‘scene’ ( it’s on the add component… list ) into the middle of the player, at the point you want to rotate around. Then you need to attach ( by dragging and dropping the components ) your spring arm ( and hence your cam ) onto that scene and attach the scene to the player ( otherwise the cam wont move with the player ).

Then you write your ‘rotate cam’ custom event, which is much easier when you have the components positioned correct, because all you have to do is rotate the scene and the camera will go with it.

That’s about as much detail as I can give with a BP, and I’m not at a machine at the mo…