How to rotate and pan a texture at the same time?

How would I go about using both the rotator and panner node for a texture at the same time? Ideally I want this star to spin and slide along the texture.



Good one.
I’d like to know about that too.

Cascading them won’t really work.

Edit: Updated to support negative panning. You can remove the first addition after the subtraction if you only need positive panning.

The parameters are equal to how many times it loops per second. A value of 1 means it loops 1 time per second, a value of 2 means it loops 2 times per second, and a value of 0.5 means it loops 1/2 times per second (i.e. it loops 1 time every 2 seconds).

Since all parameters are in sync with each other, when Rotation Speed is equal to the sum of X Speed and Y Speed, it looks like it’s rolling, like in the example (0.5 is used).


That’s some clever Math is going here. I am going to digest this later Today.
Thanks for the answer.

This works perfectly! Thanks.


Hey, I recently started learning some UV manipulation. So, now I clearly understand how things are working.

I created a tutorial as well. May be try it out:

(I didn’t use Rotate or Panning nodes but some basic math operations. That allows to implement these very easily)

You can download the project from here.