How to rotate an actor using analog stick?

I’m trying to rotate an actor in my level about the Z axis. It only rotates when the character triggers an interactable event onscreen. It rotates somewhat but I want it to go all the way around clockwise and counterclockwise. I coopted the TurnRate code used in the Third Person Character BP for the rotation values. However, the rotation is barely noticeable. How can I do this? An example of what I’m trying to do is in a video link below.
2022-11-10 17-34-39.mkv (8.1 MB)

Hey there @twizkiddaxter! Welcome back to the community! Are you adding rotation? If so you can just multiply the axis you already have by a large number. I could look at your BP if you’d like and give you a slight modification?

@SupportiveEntity Yes here it is. I’m just adding the analog axis value but haven’t solved for the rotation yet.

Great news, your logic is nearly perfect. Basically how I’d do it with only one minor change. Instead of using Set Actor Rotation, use Add actor rotation. This will let you rotate consistently. You may also need to set your turn rate variable to say 100 for good effect.


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Updated my code with your suggestion and increased Turn Rate from 45 to 100. Works like a charm. This is exactly what I’ve been trying to do. Here’s my result.

Gameplay Capture
2022-11-11 15-26-24.mkv (8.9 MB)

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