How to rotate actor depending on where camera is facing?

I’ve googled how to rotate objects but nothing i’ve seen helped with this. i’ve been stuck racking my brain to make it work.
I need to make it so the level will rotate around where my camera is looking. so if i’m looking in a direction the level will be pushed down in said direction. this is so the player can move around the level. it’s a bit confusing in text so i made a quick vid on what i’m talking about.

Here’s a picture of the code i’m using currently.
Here’s a picture of the code i tried to work with but didn’t work.

You start with the Control rotation, since that gives you the forward and right vectors of the camera you’re seeing through.
Get its forward and right vectors and you’ve got the direction to apply force to.

Then take the input from Axis Input MoveForward and MoveRight and multiply their input value by a force multiplier. I used 10,000.000 to start, and it worked well for a small ball with default mass.

Then apply it to a radial torque.
I had my character rotated 90degrees somewhere so I had to swap the inputs so left/right and forward/back were the other, and to invert one of them to get the right response, but the problems were obvious and easy to fix.

This drives a ball with simulation on as a character the way you expect controls to work… though it gets a bit out of hand if you get it moving fast.

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