How to rotate a "world aligned texture"

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Im posting an intriguing question for me.

I know how to rotate a texture by 90 degrees with the custom rotator. (images in annex)

But i have no idea how to rotate by 90 degrees a texture with the “world aligned texture”.

Is there any valid way i can associate the custom rotator with the world aligned texture???

I have tried some combinations, but nothing worked so far.

In case you are wondering why i want to know this, its because i work in archviz, and sometimes i need to apply a texture in multiple separate objects, but i want it to have the same scale and rotation in all of them.

I cant lose lots of time configuring separate materials fo the “same” texture to appear with the right scale for diferent objects.

If i cant rotate a “world aligned texture” , i can use it properly.

I have a trick. I can pre-rotate the texture 90º in photoshop. Then import it to unreal. It does the trick. But its kind of way around, and i would like to do it on the UE4.

Any one knows how to do this? , or any work around, so i can apply a material do different objects, but still having the same UV tiling scale and rotation
in all of them.

Once again, thank you for your help.

I would also like to know the answer to this. Bumping for interest.

This guy seems to have made a fancy-dancy material function to make it work, but doesn’t go into how he made it, or how I could use it:
EDIT: Found the rest of his project, try this:

Photoshop is the most effecient way.