How to rotate a vector slowly towards another Vector

I am trying to rotate my vector towards another Vector.

I can already instantly update the vector to match that direction, however I cannot figure out how to get this to say a 1 degree per second rotation.

    	FVector targetDirection = (HomingTargetComponent->GetComponentLocation() - UpdatedComponent->GetComponentLocation());
	FRotator directionBetween = targetDirection.Rotation() - Velocity.Rotation();
    	Velocity = directionBetween.RotateVector(Velocity);

What I am struggling with is converting the rotation between to a total rotation amount of 1 degree. Then I can scale that to the amount I want.


It’s already in Math library ( you can’t know it’s there if you don’t know exactly what you are looking at though, i always struggle to find it between UGamplay/FVector/FRotator/FMath Statics )

Here the signature :

FVector FMath::VInterpNormalRotationTo(const FVector& Current, const FVector& Target, float DeltaTime, float RotationSpeedDegrees)