How to rotate a static mesh?


I’m just a bit lost on how i can rotate a static mesh via blueprints, the mesh is a large circle, with 4 “doorways” cut into it, the idea being this mesh “rotates” around it’s pivot point to align these doorways with other circular meshes, any ideas? most of what i can find seems to be mainly related to just doors.



Align them, then rotate the “other part” 45 degree.
Add a trigger volume to the BP, add event on overlap, set actor rotation -45 degree. Or you can add a RotatingMovement Component to your BP, align it and let is rotate, then per a trigger activate or Deactivate (RotatingMovment).

Thanks Unit. i’ll’ give that a go, i tried using a timeline but it would only move on pitch :frowning:

break the vector to choose the correct axis to rotate on, then make vector, then feed into your rotate function.

For determining the angle to rotate towards, maybe getLookAtRotation combined with rInterpTo could provide you with more dynamic and flexible results.

Just an update, first thanks for the replies, but i managed to do this by making the mesh as an actor, and using a timeline, very flexible and works great.