How to rotate a Static Mesh in the Mesh-Editor?

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Hello NiklasZeroZero,

If you click in Static Mesh Editor viewport and hold the left mouse button, you can use the WASD keys to navigate around the Static Mesh.


Hmm, like this?

Sorry, I thought you meant for the camera to rotate around the static mesh. There is no way to rotate in that viewport. The rotation component is used through the blueprint to cause rotation once it is added to the world.

I´m sorry! I think I misunderstood it!

Ok, are you trying to rotate the mesh as you would inside of the regular viewport through the rotate tool and physically move the mesh? If so, that is impossible inside of the Blueprint Viewport that you have posted in your screenshot. Now, the RotatingMovement component that you have added will not be visible until you press play.

, sorry. It wasn´t me who made the question, so I think I created a mess here, lol

Hi Niklas!

See this picture:

Select you objet, change to rotate at the red arrow points and then click and hold the left mouse button to rotate in the angle you want, using the colored arches (blue, red and green ones)

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I have a 3D model but this is not in the right direction, but now i want to use it with foliage but for this i must rotate the model.

And by the way, can somebody help my with this question: Rotate Sidescroler Player - Cinematics & Media - Unreal Engine Forums

I want to rotate it in this Window:

There are rotate-Vars., but they doesen’t effect anything.

Ok, sorry for the earlier confusion. There are options for reorienting a mesh on import. Whenever you import you will have import options. In those options is a feature to reorient your mesh based on an axis. I believe you will want to reorient based on the Y-Axis.

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Thanks you.

omg thank you! you are the first person that actually answered my question. And for everyone watching, my model also imported in the same position, on it’s side facing up. In Unreal Engine 5.3, When importing the OBJ file, go to the general tab on the import options and select the first box(it doesn’t tell you which axis is which, but for me it was the first box in rotation section), and set it to 90. now import and your model will be standing up.