How to rotate a spot light towards the mouse cursor in TopDown?


In the TopDown Template I attached a spot light to my character, to use it as a flashlight ingame. I created a new socket for the flashlight and selected that as the parent socket for the spotlight.

Now I want my flashlight to shine (look) at the mouse cursor position, since my character is already always facing the cursor (and I am shooting at the cursor position). However I can’t get it to work and I am beginning to despair…

This is what I want:

And this is my function to rotate the flashlight:

What am I doing wrong?
I tried to use ‘Set Relative Rotation’ node and attached only the Pitch or Roll, but nothing is working.

Please help me… :frowning:

I solved the problem by using an event tick that I connect to the ‘Set World Rotation’ Node (and by moving the function into the Event Graph).

However I wonder if this is actually a good solution? Or is there another way without using an event tick?