How to rotate a point(vector) around another point (vector) ?


I’m trying to rotate a point around another point but i’m failing miserably.
I’m using the “RotateVectorAroundAxis” function and it is doing something, but not what I want it to do.

What I observed is that it seems to be rotating the vector but around the X axis, and so from deg 1 to 360 it is drawing a circle in the Y:Z plan. The problem is that I want the vector to be rotating around the Z axis so that the circle is draw in the X:Y plan.

Anyone who knows a bit about this stuff please help me.

Axis should be (0,0,1) and not (MeanLocationX, MeanLocationY, 0).

Oh ok, I see !
But then won’t it rotate around itself ?
How does the function know what to rotate around ?

It rotates the vector around the axis you provided:


For example, if you have a vector pointing in the x direction (1,0,0), and if you rotate it 90º around the z axis, then the new value will be (0,1,0), that is, the new vector will be pointing in the y direction:

Thank you ! I now understand how this node work.

But then I don’t really know how I could make a vector rotate around the axis of another vector in the worldmap that isn’t 0:0:0.
Because what I want to do in my rts is to rotate the unit formation, so all the target locations points need to rotate around their mean target location.

Do you have any idea ? Is that even possible ?

I succeeded :slight_smile: