How to rotate a billboard around origin?

To create a moon that can rise and set like a sun I have create a blueprint with a MaterialBillboard Component that coontains the moon material. Now I want that billboard to move.
Here it says
“You could also create a billboard with a moon texture which would always face the camera, and rotate it around the origin.”

How do I “rotate around the origin”?

Hi KleinerBaer,

One way to do this without using a spline or having to calculate tangents is to make an actor class blueprint with the Billboard as a child of a dummy component (Arrow).

Set the Root to a Scene component > Add an Arrow component at 0,0,0. Then add the Billboard component and place it out from the Arrow however far you need to.

Then set the Arrow to rotate and since the Billboard is a child component it will follow at the distance you moved it to.

I hope that helps. Post back here if you have any questions.



Works great. Thank you. And also thanks for the fast response. Very kind :slight_smile: