how to rig directly in unreal engine?

I trying to rig in unreal engine instead of maya or other software.
I’m using ‘control rig’ to rig the Mannequin , but there are few tutorials about control rig

Then I watched fortnite’s pipeline,I realized they used ART tools(which only can rig biped) to rig the characters.Fortnite Trailer Pipeline | Unreal Dev Day Montreal 2017 | Unreal Engine - YouTube
So I wanna know that is it possible to rig in unreal directly, if it is possible,please share your method with me
if it is not,please also share how you rig for unreal with me.

You can either create a rig using standard AnimBP nodes ( Fabrik, Two bone IK, and so on ), or using the Control Rig and just explore how it works, the docs should be enough to get you started.
Alternatively there is Allright Rig, never used it, but has been around for a while and looks like a very plug&play solution.

There are two videos showing how they made the custom rig for the wolf character in Fortnite (I guess one of them you watched):

This from Unreal Fest Europe 2019

and this from GDC 2019

but this one is a hands-on with Epic staff about it, also at GDC, so it would be the most detailed one:

Observe that the scenario they describe was how they used the Control Rig to help them create experiments to fix an animation issue, which in this case works great and will definitely reduce the workload on repeating the pipeline fixing the rig in Maya -> exporting to UE4 -> experiment the fix -> back to Maya, so for a complete workflow the Control Rig solution might be too troublesome, but maybe someone can create a plugin on top of it to improve the experience.