How to rig a mesh with blender to work with SK_Mannequin_Skeleton? (Or should I bother doing this?)

Hey guys! Been following a few tutorials around and am fumbling on this one.

My goal is to get an own made character model rigged and working in UE4.

I’ve heard the marketplace has some neat animations and they use the default mannequin skeleton, so I’ve been trying to rig the mesh (with Blender) in such a way it’ll import without a hitch into UE4 and use that skeleton. I’ve found some scarce tutorials here and there but have had trouble following any of them. Does anyone know a clear one which works that I can just follow along?

Or does no one do this and this is absolutely pointless? Do people generally just make their own skeleton along with their mesh? Then if necessary, use the retarget function in UE4 to use animations made by others?

It is pretty pointless, but my plugin can get you started.

Generate the metarig and use it to rig your character.
once ready you can transfer the automated weightpaint to the unreal bones.

In fact, you can unparent the mesh, parent it back to the ue4 rig, and make sure that the weight paint works still.

You’ll have a bunch of trash data from the auto paint you can dispose of. Best way is to manually lock all of the vertex groups matching the epic skeleton and deleting all non locked vertex groups.

Assuming you have it completely finished and weight painted correctly you can export a regular FBX, import in unreal and just select the default skeleton instead of leaving g it blank (which creates a new one).

this way technically you can just change the mesh on your character and do not need to re-target…