How to rewind an Animation Sequence

Im using a Blend Poses by Int, but when i switch between animations i would like to start from 0 instead of its last position. Is there a way to reset or rewind the animation sequence to start from 0? The numbers refers to the current frame the animsequence is playing.

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If you put the anim sequence inside of a State, it will always play from the start. Anytime a state is entered the animation contained inside is played from the beginning. So, instead of switching between your anims with a Blend Pose by Int, you can put them into separate states with transitions linking them.

Good luck!

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Thankyou very much Ray, that worked very good! but the developer team should take in consideration puting a check box in the AnimSequence whenever somebody need to reset the animation, i think that is how it worked in UDK. Thanks again!

I agree, that would be easier than coming up with rules for retriggering it- just a simple “reset anim” node would do for playing from the beginning.

For those just now arriving at this question, good news! The Blend Poses node now has a Reset Child on Activation option. This will play your anim sequences from the start when they are activated.