How to revert the launcher back to english

Hello everyone,
the question is clear in the tittle.
It is possible?
if not then this is a request :slight_smile:
The language should be something entirely optionall

yes you can,

  1. log out of the launcher
  2. re-start the launcher
  3. before you login click the little “world” button and select the lanuage you want
  4. login

hopefully it should work for you


Oh yeah!, thank you very much. That worked pretty good.
Always autologin it never came to my attention that “world” icon. But now it’s in english thank you :slight_smile:

and yeah, really, make English the default one, the locale language should be turned on only explicitely.! I’ve been disappointed a bit :frowning:

sorry for necroing the post but is there a way to make it permanent? I grew used to the english launcher and yesterday I upgraded the OS to win10 and the launcher resets to spanish when gets closed. It’s really annoying

I’m having the same problem, and figured out a temporary solution.

Go to Program Files (x86)/Epic Games/Launcher/Portal/Config/DefaultEngine.ini and paste this at the end:


Then it’ll stay in english until the next launcher update.