How to Reverb a Submix? (reverbing own voice)

Hello together,

for an important final project of my studies I need to make my own voice echo adapted to the virtual space, but unfortunately I do not succeed.
I am working with an AudioCapture object, which records the user’s voice and immediately plays it back with a submix. This voice should now be reverberated depending on the room in which the player is located. I have tried to work with AudioVolumes, which have been adjusted to the room size. The AudioVolumes contain a Reverb object. The reverberation works with played sounds like a gun, but does not interact with the submix of the player’s voice.
I have also heard of MetaSounds as a solution, but I am even less familiar with it.

Can you help me or show me the way to get the player voices to reverberate with the room?

Thanks :slight_smile: