How to reuse functions?

Hello all,

I have an very simple wish … well at least I thought so. :confused:
I put together a function using BPGet Multi Use Entries. So far, so good, it’s working perfect.
But now my problem, I need the exact same function over and over again, to be more specific, for every vanilla structure.
I could just edit every blueprint copy i made and recreate the function every single time, but this seems just so wrong.

So I googled and found the Blueprint Function Libary, but there I don’t have the same predefinded function (like BPGet Multi Use Entries).
So is the a way to build a function and then just reuse it like all the predefined functions from ARK?

Any help would be very appreciated.


You would be better off creating a “base_structure” which has your BPGetMultiUseEntries functionality, and then creating copies of all of the structures that you need this functionality for. Then, you would need to reparent all of those copies to your “base_structure” in order for them to inherit this functionality. You do not want to make these changes to vanilla structures or your mod will not be considered a total conversion.

Thanks for the reply. That was the solution I found myself, but in the end reparenting brought so many problems, I stick with just copy and paste the function to every blueprint for now. It is not very elegant but it will do.