how to return back to old forum theme?

it seems that the forum’s theme has been changed. and I am having problems to figure out which options have been moved where. for example, i can’t see the replay option in private messages.
so is there any option to return back to old forum theme?

It’s not a new theme, they’ve completely upgraded the forum, they’re still working out some of the kinks though

Yeah some things might still be missing according to the epic staff

the search is broken too :frowning:

I really dislike this theme/layout, hoping we get something to customize.

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Dark theme is currently being worked on, I hope it will return ASAP!

I like the new look personally.

hopefully I can return to the old look of the forum. This one is really convoluted and hurts my eyes! I could not find anything!


Maybe with a DeLorean DMC-12?