How to retrigger animation in animbp before it finishes?

hi, um using state machine(but i also tried using a blend pose by bool) but im not being able to retrigger my “hurt/hit” animation on my enemy ai.

the way im sending that info is when damage occurs in the enemy actor it unchecks the bool hit(to make sure it would detect it was retriggered later on), then do i do the damage calculation and then set the hit bool to True(delay of a second and then set it to false again).
Then on anim bp, i have it checking constantly the status of the books from the enemy ai and then turning them into variables inside animbp itself.
But what’s happening is that my enemy ai plays the animation and even if he’s hit again , nothing happens, he finishes the animation and then goes back to idle/walk blendspace. I wanted to make him react to each shot by retriggering the hurt animation. Not exactly sure why this isn’t happening.

looking forward to your thoughts. thanks.