How to retrieve the My Documents directory for file saving?

With Blueprints, how do I retrieve the user’s Documents directory (like C:\Users\John\Documents) so that I can put my game’s save file in there? Thanks!

IMHO, you need use C++. Maybe this is what you need.
P.S.: excuse me if i wrote something wrong. I from Russia and I bad speak English=(

Appreciate the link but I’m looking for a Blueprint solution. It doesn’t look like I can adapt that code in that forum anyway because it’s for UDK and it looks like it hooks into a DLL which is something I have completely no idea how to do in UE4 C++.

There is no blueprint solution. C++ is the way to go, unless someone makes you a plugin. Rama’s victory plugin has some file i/o nodes you might check out, but you’ll probably still have to edit them in C++ to get them to do exactly what you want them to.

Is this now possible in a newer version of UE4 using BPs?

Messing with the file system from a game is normally seen as a security threat, ie. malware. I believe they will not make it available as Blueprint for that reason.

You can use C++ and make a dll that does it, but you may run into issues depending on the app privileges.

A better way is to do it in the installer, that way the user clicks an ok button and is fully aware that a file has been saved to his computer, you can then store the path for the game to use. NSIS is an installer that is opensource and relatively easy to work with. Creating directory structures and files from it is easy to bash script.