How to retrieve output video stream?

Hello, I’m working on a personal project with UE4 and I would make a special application with it.

I explain, I have made a game with UE4 which run on a powerful computer, I would like to control it from a distant computer (or any other web client, tablet, phone, mac … etc) via a web connection.
My idea was to stream the video output from UE4 game to my client (a web page with an embed video player and some buttons), and in the other direction send instructions to move player pawn and view from the client to my UE4 game.

I know how to connect my game and my client via UDP or peering, and how send instructions to the game controller, but I don’t know how to retrieve the video output from the game and send it to the client. How could I do ?
Do I have to look in UE source code or anything else ? Or does some APIs exists to do that ?

Thank you

Your idea like seems they closed and selling source code

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I don’t sure UE4 can handle now such complex solution, but try search for streaming to twitch, there was plugin for UE4 to integrate browser into game, then you can combine watching stream and send inputs.

Nvidia Grid does essentially what you want. Rendering happens on high end PC but input comes from low end.

Did you ever get this figured out?

hello, I m working a project like what you tell . I have same problem like yours. Did you get video streaming as output?

Hi everyone, I’m interested in that as well, and would be glad to hear that some of you have succeeded (even if it’s an old post). Any hints are welcome !

Sorry if this is too late but it looks like you want the Pixel Streaming plugin that actually has official documentation. The only issue is that it might be a little tricky to do over the open internet, but there is a networking guide for that. If your player devices are using the same router/network, then it shouldn’t be too bad.